Mad Dog's Handmade Pizza
Since 1974
Customize Your Pizza
Veggies   Add   1.00
Meats      Add    2.00
In Town            2.25
Out Of Town    3.00 
Make Your Favorite Pizza A 
Double Decker!!!  
Only $6  More

All Pizzas Available In Gluten Free Crust
(12" Only)

Original Pizzas
12"  12.99     14" 16.99
Single Topping
12"    13.99                  14"    17.99
Pepperoni - Sausage - Beef - Canadian Bacon
Meat Lovers
12"    17.99         14"   21.99
Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Candian Bacon
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Super Hawaiian
12"   17.99         14"   21.99
Candian Bacon, Shrimp, Pineapple
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
12"    19.99         14"    23.99
Sausage, Pepperoni, Beef, Canadian Bacon
Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Specialty Pizzas
12"  15.99  ~  14"  19.99
Mad Dog Special
Sausage, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Hot Italian
Sausage, Pepperoni, Hot Italian Sausage 
Onion, Green Pepper, Jalapeno
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)

Bacon Cheeseburger
Beef, Bacon, Onions, Pickles
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Buffalo Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Bits, Celery
(Home Made Buffalo Sauce)
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Chicken Bits
(Homemade BBQ Sauce)
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Chicken Bits, Bacon Onion, Green Pepper 
(Homemade Ranch Sauce)
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Bits
(Alfredo Sauce)
Chicken Cordon Blue
Chicken Bits, Ham, Mozz & Swiss Cheese
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Crab Alfredo
Immitation Crab Bits
(Alfredo Sauce)
Fresh Shrimp
(Alfredo Sauce)
Onion, Green Pepper, Black & Green Olives
Tomato, Mushroom
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Taco Meat & Beans
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Black Olive, Jalapeno
(No Sauce)
Candian Bacon & Pineapple
(Homemade Pizza Sauce)
Build Your Own 8" Personal Size Pizza!
 Plain Cheese     6.00
Meats       1.00
Veggies       .50
Wings / Appetizers
The Best Wings In The North!
Hot - Mild - BBQ 
Sweet n Sour - Teriyaki - Sweet Chili
Terry Hot - Parmesaen Garlic - Reaper (Very HOT) 
All Orders Served With
Celery Sticks
Choice Of Dip
(Ranch or Blue Cheese)
     1lb - 6-8 Wings            (1) 2oz Dip Cup         7.99       
     2.5 lbs - 16-18 Wings  (1) 4oz Dip Cup        11.99
      5 lbs - 34-36 Wings    (2) 4oz Dip Cups       21.99
     Mad Dog Puppy  (2oz  Burger)                       1.99
     Chicken Little  (2oz Fillet)                                 1.99
     Nacho Plate  (Beef or Chicken)                       8.99
     Combo Platter                                                   9.99
     Ham & Cheese Balls                                         5.99

     Breaded Mushrooms w/ Cheese Dip            5.99
     Deep Fried Cauliflower w/Cheese Dip          5.99 
     Mini Taco's                                                        5.99
     Deep Fried Gizzards                                        5.99
     Cheese Curds                                                   5.99
     Mozzarella Sticks                                             5.99
     Chicken Drumettes                                         5.99
     Brew City Onion Rings                                    4.99
     Brew City Steak Fries                                       3.99
     Chicken Strips                                                   6.29
     Garlic Toast (4)                                                  4.99 
Hand Pattied Burgers
Made With Fresh, Never Frozen Beef
Hand Pattied To Size
Served With Chips
 French Fries 2.00
Mad Dog Steak Fries 2.59
Onion Rings 3.59 
                                                       1/4 LB  - 1/2 LB
Hamburger                                                                     4.99        6.29
Cheesburger                                                5.29        6.99
Bacon Cheeseburger                         6.29        7.99
American Cheese & Thick Cut Bacon
California Burger                               5.29       7.99
Lettuce, Tomato, Raw Onion & Mayo
California Cheeseburger                  5.99      7.99
American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato
Raw Onion & Mayo
California Bacon Cheeseburger   6.99       8.99
American Cheese, Bacon 
Lettuce, Tomato Raw Onion & Mayo
Mushroom & Swiss Burger            6.29       7.99
Sauteed Mushrooms, Swiss Cheese
 Patty Melt                                              6.99       8.29
Served On Toast
American & Swiss Cheese, Fried Onions
Signature Burger
2 - 1/2lb Patties (1lb)
Any Topping You Want On It!!!     10.99
Subs & Sandwiches
Hand Crafted Subs
French Bread
Turkey, Ham, Salami
Swiss, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack Cheese
Veggie Choices
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion
                         1/4 Sub           6.99            Serves 1
                         1/2 Sub          12.99          Serves  2
                         Full Sub          23.99          Serves 4       
(1) 2oz Dip Cup - Mad Dog Sauce Per 1/4 Sub
Add .59 For Additional Mad Dog Sauces
Mad Dog Club                                                7.99
Buffalo Chicken                                      7.99   
(grilled or crispy)   
Chicken Cordon Bleu                               6.99
B.L.T.                                                                      5.99
Grilled Ham & Cheese                              5.99  
(bun oven baked)
Hot Ham & Cheese                                     5.99
Fish Fillet                                                           7.99
Salads /  Soups 
Salads          (Romane Lettuce)
         Sizes                      Half 5.59            Whole 8.29
  Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper
Ham, Turkey, Egg, Sprinkle Cheese 
Croutons and Sun Flower Seeds
Tuscan Chicken
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper
Sprinkle Cheese & Croutons  
Chicken Caesar
Lettuce, Seasoned Chicken Bites 
Fresh Grated Parmesan &  Croutons
Tossed In Caesar Dressing
Buffalo Chicken
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion 
Buffalo Chicken Bites & Blue Cheese Crumbles
(Beef or Chicken)
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper, Sprinkle Cheese, Jalapeno, Crushed Homemade Nacho Chips
(Sour Cream and Salsa On Side)
House Salad
  (Full Size Only)
  Lettuce, Tomato Onion, Sprinkle Cheese & Croutons.... 4.29  
Homemade  Soup Of The Day!
   Cup              3.59
   Bowl            4.29        
Homemade   Chili
Available Daily!
(Served With Diced Onion & Sprinkle Cheese)
   Cup              3.99
   Bowl           4.99
Broasted Chicken
Broasted Chicken
 Fresh, Marinated,  Lighty Coated and Broasted To Crisp Perfection!  
2 Piece        4.99
4 Piece        6.99
6 Piece        8.99
8 Piece      11.99
12 Piece    17.99
All White Meat Add 1.50
4 Piece Chicken Dinner
(Breast, Thigh, Wing, Leg)
Served With
Dinner Roll
Side Salad
French Fries  
Kids Meals / Beverages
Kids Meals
(10 & Under)
All Kids Meals Include:
Choice of :
French Fries, Apple Sauce  or Celery w/ Ranch Dip
  •            Chicken Little (2oz Chicken Filet On a Bun)
  •            Mad Dog Puppy (2oz Burger On a Bun)
  •             Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  •             Chicken Strips (2)
  •              Mini Corn Dogs
Coke Products
12 oz Can       1.79
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Cherry Coke , Coke Zero
Barqs Root Beer, Diet Barqs, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Sprite Zero
Grape Fanta, Orange Fanta, Mellow Yellow, Ginger Ale, Mr. Pib
2 Liter                3.25
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barqs Root Beer
Milk                      1.79
White or Chocolate   
Full Service Bar On Site